Harrisonburg, Virginia: Infrastructure-Building to Support the Needs of Diverse Student Learners

August 30, 2018

Introduction Harrisonburg City Public Schools (HCPS) in Harrisonburg, Virginia focuses on student social and emotional well-being alongside academic growth without the benefit of a large grant or an infusion of external funding. Instead, they have redirected limited resources to targeted social and emotional learning programs and professional development, strengthened district policies, practices, and procedures, and…

Webinar: Sustaining School-Community Resources

June 27, 2018

      The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools (CHHCS) hosted a webinar featuring the online tool, Partner Build Grow. The 60-minute webinar provided an overview of the theories behind the guide, its main features, and recent additions and revisions, and featured several communities that have successfully implemented school-connected initiatives to provide for…

Messaging Chart

April 9, 2018


This messaging chart can be used to consolidate and track the different messages to be used for different target audiences.

Template Tracking: Policy Tracking Worksheet

April 9, 2018

Policy Environment

This worksheet is to be used to track a single bill or issue. If your team decides that there is an issue that should be followed through the legislative process, this worksheet is designed to help you focus on the track that it will follow and the actions you…

Identifying Audiences: Step 2. Audience Deep Dive

April 9, 2018


Use this worksheet for each of the audiences you prioritized on the Starting to Plan Worksheet. It will help you identify key insights into your audience so that you can frame your message in a way that will get their attention.

Template: Connecting with the Policy Environment

March 7, 2018

Policy Environment

Please adapt this worksheet to help you keep track of the landscape of policies, procedures, and regulations that could impact your initiative. The first column includes a sample of opportunities grouped by sector that could be helpful in sustaining your initiative. Determine which areas are most relevant to your…

Template: Identifying Potential Partners Worksheet

November 30, 2016

Building an Action Team

The categories included in this spreadsheet represent possible agencies, organizations, or local groups within your community that should be considered as you form/strengthen your coalition. First, decide what role they may play in advancing your cause (check all the green columns that apply) and then fill in…