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Some Operational Tips for Implementing the Guide

The prongs or action components describe arenas of action that are necessary for moving the agenda of child development and prevention forward to sustainability.

  • The steps are not linear; they generally do not unfold sequentially.
  • They are dynamic; they may happen simultaneously, overlap, or influence each other so that you will have to circle back to a previous step and adjust the activities to match the current reality.
  • They may also be influenced by events that you do not control, e.g., a budget controversy on a different topic that affects the budget line you have your eye on; a political fight between elected officials; an event that has garnered much media attention.
  • Given each state’s unique political culture, the steps are likely to progress in a different order.
  • Everyone can and should expect unpredictability and, sometimes, inactive periods between actions.
  • As an online tool, the Action Guide is intended to evolve and develop as more users submit their success stories and feedback. We hope that you will share collaborative efforts from your community, recommend external resources, and provide feedback on the usability of the Action Guide. If you are interested in partnering with the Center or in Technical Assistance for using the Action Guide, please contact us.

Updated June 2015

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