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Welcome to Partner Build Grow

This Action Guide provides school administrators, program directors, civic leaders, and other stakeholders with tools to improve the sustainability of school-connected approaches that promote students’ cognitive, social, and emotional health & educational success.

The following pages provide practical steps to help you integrate these evidence-based student supports into state and local systems. The Guide breaks down policy advocacy steps into four interconnected prongs - Mapping Assets, Building an Action Team, Connecting with the Policy Environment, and Communications - that will help to mobilize key allies, develop an action plan based on existing resources, access viable financing and regulatory strategies, and explore communications strategies.

No matter which program or approach you champion – from character development, to bullying prevention, to Positive Youth Development, to Whole Child and more – review and adapt these strategies to develop a plan that matches the environment in your state or community. For more information about the guide and how to start, go to the Action Guide Section below.