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    Interviews with school leaders illustrate ways that they have been able to apply the guiding steps
    of the Action Guide within their unique school and community settings.

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    Infrastructure-Building to Support the Needs of Diverse Student Learners

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Welcome to Partner Build Grow

Helping schools and communities launch and sustain coordinated initiatives that support positive student development

Partner Build Grow, the Action Guide, provides school and community leaders with tools to develop and sustain school-connected initiatives that promote students’ physical and mental health, social-emotional development, and educational success.

It outlines practical steps to help you align school and community efforts and resources that enable children to succeed - and to sustain these efforts through collaboration and systems change. The Action Guide breaks down the process into four interconnected prongs - Building an Action Team, Mapping Assets, Connecting with the Policy Environment, and Communications - that will help you engage with cross-sector partners, develop an action plan for your specific context, access viable financing and regulatory strategies, and create communications objectives. It can be used to maintain an effective initiative or to help schools and communities determine new actions that will best benefit their children.

No matter the issues faced by children and adolescents in your community, or the effective program or approach you want to sustain – from character development, to bullying prevention, to trauma-informed care, to positive youth development, to the Whole Child and more – review and adapt these strategies to develop a plan that responds to the strengths and challenges in your state or community.