What’s in it for us as a community?

Vancouver, WA July 10, 2015

"When we all came together originally it was for a funding opportunity. We all came around the table thinking what's in it for me, and then we changed that to what's in it for us as a community or a system."

Communications for Capacity Building

Baltimore, MD July 10, 2015

"One of the things that this group has done is to really create the forum for us to engage in some bidirectional conversation, join and build capacity around our collective understanding of what is available, and how one thing gets distinguished from another."

Action Guide

July 10, 2015

"It seems to me that it is a very comprehensive action kit and pitched at the right level for people on the ground to help them take the best steps to be effective. In thinking about intermediaries as entrepreneurs to make things happen, I think this will be a great tool."

Building Community Schools in Upstate New York: Connecting with the Policy Environment

Binghamton, NY July 7, 2015

  Summary Broome County, New York is known statewide for its strong collaboration across organizations and sectors. In particular, schools and community agencies have been working together for many years to address the needs of low-income children, families, older adults and communities. When Binghamton University created the College of Community and Public Affairs in 2006,…

New Hampshire Childrens Collaborative Case Study

New Hampshire October 31, 2014

New Hampshire prides itself on the tradition of town hall meetings where disparate voices come together to solve tough community issues. So when advocates for children became frustrated with broken systems and structural barriers to delivering quality mental health and substance abuse services for kids – they followed their instincts and brought…

Baltimore School Climate Network

Baltimore, MD September 4, 2014

"All the curriculum in the world is not going to help if you have the student who's afraid to even come in the building....If you have a good school climate, then you have a vehicle for change and success."

Mapping Assets: DC Action for Children

Washington, DC August 29, 2014

"Through the use of the maps, we are able to show where children with most “need” of mental health services live and the mis-match of where providers are located."

Baltimore School Climate Network: Framing the School Climate dialogue

Baltimore, MD August 29, 2014

"I don't think that five years ago school climate was being discussed. Now as we've refined it and talk about it as a reform strategy, people take it away, they take that information away and they're able to influence the people that they're funding...."