Webinar: Sustaining School-Community Resources

June 27, 2018




The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools (CHHCS) hosted a webinar featuring the online tool, Partner Build Grow. The 60-minute webinar provided an overview of the theories behind the guide, its main features, and recent additions and revisions, and featured several communities that have successfully implemented school-connected initiatives to provide for their student’s behavioral and mental wellbeing.

Moderated by:

Olga Acosta Price, Ph.D., Director of CHHCS at the George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health and Associate Professor in the Department of Prevention and Community Health
Her expertise is in the design, implementation, and evaluation of school behavioral health programs and policies addressing prevention, early intervention, and evidence-based treatment.

Panelists included:

Linda Sheriff, M.Ed., Deputy Director of the Center for Health and Health Care in Schools

Jake Troja, Director of School Climate Transformation for Des Moines Public Schools

Monica Battle, Principal of College Hill Fundamental Academy

You can download the full presentation (1 hour 17 minutes) and audio below.


You can also access the slide presentation HERE.

We would appreciate your feedback about this webinar to inform future presentations about features of the Partner Build Grow Action Guide. A brief survey can be found HERE.

We hope you will share the recording with your networks and colleagues and if you have additional questions, please contact ude.u1686142261wg@sc1686142261hhc1686142261.

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