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Identify Your Audiences
  • Start by listing all your target audiences—who do you need to communicate with in order to make changes in your community? Include:
    • People you would like to have on your Action Team
    • Elected officials
    • School board members
    • Parents
    • Teachers and administrators
    • Professional associations and individuals
    • Civic leaders
    • University leaders
    • The media/press
  • These audiences can be divided into different groups with different asks, messages, and goals.
    • You can make a chart showing each audience and specifying the kind of “ask” that might be effective for each
  • You may find it helpful to prioritize your identified audiences so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  • Interview a few key stakeholders in your selected audiences in order to gauge their priorities and motivations.
  • Analyze how to reach these audiences as a group and as individuals: in-person, by phone or email, or by local or social media.
    • What is their favored form of communication? For example, if they tweet regularly, social media may be effective with this audience. If they hold monthly meetings, in-person communications may be effective.

Updated June 2015

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